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Welcome to the realm of print design and tangible brand representation. We understand the significance of printed materials in conveying your brand’s identity and leaving a lasting impression. Our Print Design Service encompasses a wide array of offerings, including wide-format prints, promotional items, and apparel, all meticulously designed and crafted to showcase your brand’s essence.

Engage audiences through tactile print design experiences and memorable visuals.

By leveraging print materials, you can enhance your brand’s credibility, target specific demographics, and create a lasting impression that resonates with your audience.

Why does print design matter?


tangible brand representation


targeted marketing


brand recognition


physical interaction


targeted marketing


compliments digital marketing


offline reach

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Our Approach

why choose us?



We begin by understanding your brand’s values, target audience, and the purpose of the printed materials. Your insights guide the design process, ensuring alignment with your brand’s identity.



Thorough research helps us grasp your industry trends, audience preferences, and the intended impact of the printed items. This insight influences our design choices.

layout & typesetting

We bring your ideas to life through meticulous layout design and typesetting. Our team ensures that every element is strategically placed for maximum visual impact.

visuals & content

We collaborate closely with you to gather essential information, ensuring accurate and relevant content and visuals that effectively communicates your message.


Before proceeding to print, we provide proofs for your review and approval. This ensures that the design, content, and layout meet your expectations and requirements.


Based on your preferences and needs, we guide you in selecting the optimal print options, paper types, finishes, and quantities.

Print Design Deliverables

what is included?

visuals & graphics

Engaging visuals and graphics that enhance the visual appeal of your printed items, making them stand out.

layout & design

Thoughtfully layout and design to ensure content readability and maintains brand consistency across all materials.

font selection

Carefully chosen fonts that align with your brand’s identity, ensuring a consistent and professional appearance.


print options

Guidance in selecting the best print options, paper choices, finishes, and quantities that suit your brand and budget.

wide format print

Professionally designed wide-format prints that make a visual impact, whether displayed at events, in-store, or on outdoor banners.

promotional items

Custom-designed promotional materials that effectively convey your brand message, such as brochures, flyers, posters, and banners.

apparel design

Unique apparel designs that showcase your brand on clothing items, creating a walking advertisement for your business.

proofing process

Detailed proofs for your review, allowing you to provide feedback and ensure the design, content, and layout meet your expectations.

press check

For critical projects, press checks to maintain the highest level of quality and ensure the design’s integrity is preserved.


frequently asked questions

What is the difference between RGB, CMYK, and Offset?

RGB (Red, Green, Blue) is used for digital screens like computer monitors, while CMYK (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black) and pantone colors are used for print. Converting RGB to CMYK and Pantone ensures accurate brand color representation in print.

Offset printing is ideal for larger quantities and offers precise color accuracy. Digital printing is suitable for smaller runs and offers quicker turnaround times.

What file formats are best for print?

High-resolution PDFs are preferred for print, as they maintain image quality and allow for easy compatibility across various printing processes.

What is the minimum resolution for print images?

Print images should be at least 300 DPI (dots per inch) to ensure sharp and clear reproduction.

What is the importance of bleed in print design?

Bleed ensures that the design extends beyond the trim edge, preventing white edges after cutting. It’s essential to avoid unwanted borders or gaps.

Can i use images and logos from the internet?

Images from the internet are often low resolution to help websites load faster and speed up optimized load times and are unsuitable for print. Usually after they are printed they are pixellated and muddy in appearance. High-quality, licensed images are recommended for professional print materials.

Do you offer print services?

Yes, our Print Design Service covers a wide range of products, including brochures, banners, business cards, apparel, promotional items, and more.

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“Qi Graphics is fantastic. We cannot say enough about the service and attention we received when we revamped our website recently. Qi Graphics embraced our unique challenges and got us selling online confidently.”

Jennifer Michaels


“I am always blown away with how our experiences go with Qi Graphics. We started out with smaller projects and could quickly tell they were capable of so much more for us. Made our campaign materials and video look great!”

Nick Montez

Campaign Adviser

“Being a podcaster is a job where easy is a necessity. To create your own content takes enough energy, but to have to worry about gear is a stupid hurdle. Qi Graphics set me up with a studio that is easy to jump into creating content with, keepin it fun.”

- Anonymous


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