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Welcome to the realm of video design and visual storytelling. We understand that videos are a powerful medium to convey your brand’s message, capture attention, and leave a lasting impression. Our Video Design Service is here to transform your ideas into captivating visual narratives that resonate with your audience.

Video design is the bridge that connects your brand’s message with your audience’s attention and emotions.

By incorporating design elements, you create a more impactful and memorable viewing experience, leaving a lasting impression and driving engagement with your content.

Why does video design matter?


visual engagement


storytelling power


audience attention




call to action effectiveness


virality and binge following


sells you while you are asleep

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Our Approach

why choose us?



We start by understanding your brand’s goals, target audience, and the message you want to convey through the video. Your insights guide our creative process.



Thorough research helps us grasp your industry, competition, and audience preferences. This insight influences our design choices and storytelling approach.


We create initial concepts and storyboards that outline the visual direction of your video. This stage allows us to align with your vision and objectives.

review footage

We meticulously review and edit footage to ensure the story flows seamlessly. Our editing process focuses on maintaining a compelling narrative.

edit and calibrate

We take your footage and elevate your video with color grading, animations, graphics, perfect audio and more to present your video to the highest standard.

render and produce

Once the components are aligned, we render and produce the final video. The result is a polished video that tells your brand’s story effectively.

Video Design Deliverables

what is included?

video design

A well-designed video that conveys your brand’s message, engages the audience, and aligns with your goals.


Visual representations that outline the narrative and flow of your video, ensuring alignment with your vision.

graphics & animations

Dynamic visuals that enhance storytelling, explain concepts, and elevate the visual experience.

video editing

Seamlessly edited footage that maintains a compelling narrative and captures the viewer’s attention.

color grading

Enhanced visuals with consistent color grading that sets the mood and maintains visual cohesion.

perfected audio

Calibrated audio that ensures clarity, balance, and a seamless auditory experience.

royalty free music

To enhance the emotional impact of your video, we provide a curated selection of royalty-free music tracks.


If your video requires narration or a voiceover, we offer professional and A.I. voiceover services.

final render

A professionally rendered and produced video ready for distribution across various platforms.


frequently asked questions

How long does it take to design a video?

The duration varies based on the complexity of the video, including design elements, animations, editing, and production. On average, video design can take a few weeks to complete.

What file formats will i receive for my logo?

You will receive logo files in various formats, including vector formats (AI, EPS, SVG) for professional use and bitmap formats (PNG, JPEG) for digital applications.

What is color grading?

Color grading involves adjusting the color and tone of a video to create a specific mood or look. It enhances visual consistency and ensures a polished and professional appearance.

What kind of videos can we benefit from?

Design elements can enhance a wide range of videos, including promotional videos, explainer videos, tutorials, product demonstrations, social media content, advertisements, and more.

Can you create videos for specific Social Media platforms?

Yes, we tailor our video designs to match the requirements and specifications of various platforms, ensuring your videos look optimal and engaging on platforms like social media.

What is the rendering process in video design?

Rendering is the process of converting the edited video into its final format. It involves combining all the elements, ensuring smooth transitions, and producing the video in the desired resolution and format.

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What They’re Saying

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“Qi Graphics is fantastic. We cannot say enough about the service and attention we received when we revamped our website recently. Qi Graphics embraced our unique challenges and got us selling online confidently.”

Jennifer Michaels


“I am always blown away with how our experiences go with Qi Graphics. We started out with smaller projects and could quickly tell they were capable of so much more for us. Made our campaign materials and video look great!”

Nick Montez

Campaign Adviser

“Being a podcaster is a job where easy is a necessity. To create your own content takes enough energy, but to have to worry about gear is a stupid hurdle. Qi Graphics set me up with a studio that is easy to jump into creating content with, keepin it fun.”

- Anonymous


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