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Welcome to the world of podcast design, where your voice becomes a channel to connect with your audience on a deeper level. We understand that podcasting goes beyond audio – it’s about creating an immersive and engaging experience. Our Comprehensive Podcast Design Service is here to elevate your podcast from concept to a visually captivating and professional broadcast.

A thoughtful podcast design enhances the overall listening experience, establishes your brand identity, and sets the stage for a successful and impactful show.

We’re dedicated to transforming your podcast into a captivating visual and auditory experience that resonates with your audience.

Why does podcast design matter?




first impressions


brand identity


audience engagement




multi-platform impact


increased AD revenue

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Our Approach

why choose us?



We begin by understanding your podcast’s goals, target audience, and desired tone. This consultation helps us tailor the design to match your podcast’s unique identity.

podcast room layout

Designing an optimal room layout ensures efficient workflow and seamless recording sessions. We consider factors like acoustics, lighting, and equipment placement to create an ideal podcasting environment.

equipment lists

We provide a detailed list of recommended equipment and furniture tailored to your podcast’s needs, ensuring high-quality audio and visual production.

lighting system

Proper lighting enhances the visual quality of your podcast. We strategically place a 3 point lighting system to ensure you’re well-lit and visually appealing.

audio & acoustics

Crystal-clear audio is vital. We set up and calibrate audio equipment and tackle acoustics to achieve the best sound quality for your podcast.

branding aesthetic

We develop a comprehensive branding aesthetic that includes video arrangements, graphic animations, lower thirds graphics, and stinger transitions and more. These elements elevate your podcast’s visual experience.

Podcast Design Deliverables

what is included?

logo design

A distinctive podcast logo visually represents your brand and sets the tone for your show. Our logo design captures your podcast’s essence and identity.

branding aesthetic

Visual elements like video arrangements, animations, and transitions that elevate your podcast’s visual experience.

room layout schematic

Designing an optimal room layout ensures efficient workflow and seamless recording sessions. We consider factors like acoustics, lighting, and equipment placement to create an ideal podcasting environment.

camera placement

Cameras positioned for the best visual angles and adjusted ISO, aperture and Shutter speed, ensuring a visually engaging podcast recording.
Bokeh optional.

audio setup

We assist in connecting, testing and calibrating audio equipment to achieve the best sound quality for your podcast. Acoustic and sound panels to absorb sound are also attended to.

lighting placement

Expert placement of lighting systems and calibrated in camera to allow the 3 point lighting system to make you really shine.
Pun intended.

social media branding kit

This kit includes customized profile and cover images, graphics, and templates that maintain consistency and resonate with your brand identity. 

long-term engineering

We provide ongoing podcast engineering support to ensure your broadcasts maintain high quality over time.

equipment install

Our experts handle the installation and setup of equipment, ensuring seamless integration and optimal performance.


frequently asked questions

Do I need podcast design if my content is strong?

While content is the most essential, strong design complements and enhances your content. It can attract more listeners, create a memorable brand identity, visually engages your audience and adds depth to your podcast.

What elements are included in podcast design?

Podcast design includes logo design, episode artwork, animations, graphics, visual branding elements, and any visual elements that enhance the overall podcast experience. Equipment installation and setup assistance is also available.

How does podcast branding differ from podcast design?

Podcast branding encompasses the entire identity of your podcast, including its tone, style, and visual elements. Podcast design focuses specifically on the visual aspects, such as logos, graphics, and animations.

Do you provide the equipment as part of podcast design?

Although we do not provide any equipment, our podcast design service includes suggested equipment lists tailored to your needs, as well as setup assistance to ensure seamless integration of audio and visual components. Our physical installation service availabilty varies from project to project.

How does podcast design affect audience engagement?

Well-designed podcasts attract and retain listeners. Engaging visuals enhance the overall experience, capturing attention and making your content more enjoyable to consume.

Can I request revisions during the branding process?

Yes, we encourage open communication. We provide opportunities for feedback and revisions to ensure that the final product identity truly reflects your vision and goals. In the seldom case that certain items cannot be changed, these will be expressed in full tranparency before or as its discovered with you.

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“Qi Graphics is fantastic. We cannot say enough about the service and attention we received when we revamped our website recently. Qi Graphics embraced our unique challenges and got us selling online confidently.”

Jennifer Michaels


“I am always blown away with how our experiences go with Qi Graphics. We started out with smaller projects and could quickly tell they were capable of so much more for us. Made our campaign materials and video look great!”

Nick Montez

Campaign Adviser

“Being a podcaster is a job where easy is a necessity. To create your own content takes enough energy, but to have to worry about gear is a stupid hurdle. Qi Graphics set me up with a studio that is easy to jump into creating content with, keepin it fun.”

- Anonymous


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